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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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warmup today, but something comes along wh it. a little trouble. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. the morning after super tuesday, we have a lot to update you on. first let's get to this forecast because it's concerning how strong these winds will be. good morning. >> good morning, you're right, britt. it's going to get windy around here. winds gusting around 50 miles-an-hour around the denver and eastern plains. winds close to 50 miles-an-hour along loveland pass and gusty from black hawk to nederland. just expect a windy day. and these winds aren't bad yet. they're going to progressively get worse as we head towards lunch hour and stay strong all afternoon. humidity will drop low. down to 14%. so with that, and the gust y winds, there's a -- the gusty winds, there's a red flag warning for eastern colorado. be careful. one spark can do a lot of damage with our dry conditions. 48 in fort collins. 20s 30s on the eastern plains.
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satellite and radar, snowy and rainy in our northwestern corner. a little snow in our higher elevations of the foothills. with that wind and you add in snow today, just be careful. it could be tough to see in the high country if you're traveling this morning. denver we stay dry. 65 by 2:00. and we're in the 50s by 5 :00 and our strongest winds going to come after the 12:00 hour. let's check with joel hillan, how is the drive. >> you can see a few more cars on the roadway, but nothing that's going to slow you down this morning. we had a report earlier of a horse that was on the roadway at tower and 56. watch out for that if you're going to travel along tower road. there's an incident, colfax and cherry. a car crossed the median and into a traffic light. they're trying to repair that. that intersection is blocked off. lauren has been tracking the
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that's going to affect the drive along i-70 and into the foothills and c 470. if you're about to get in your car, britt, turn on koa 850 am to get your weather and traffic. a medina alert that left a woman injured. shawn chitnis is live at the scene of this hit-and-run. shawn, do you have a good description of the car police are looking for? >>reporter: well, britt, we do have a descent description from police. you may notice as you make your way onto the road especially with the -- i understand this happened last night around 9:00 and police have given up updated details about the car they're looking for. it's ape 1998 gray lincoln sedan can damage to the right side mirror. the license plate
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excuse me, qki-285. and police say they were collecting evidence. they were able to -- they were able to see cloth from the victim while on scene. if you have detail was this hit or run or that car, you're asked to contact police. live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs 4 news. you can see delays along colfax near cherry street due to this crash. an suv rolled over and took out a traffic light. the driver was heading west when he went over the median and destroyed the signal and sign. police believe the driver was drinking. he has minor injured and transferred to a hospital, but investigators say they saw beer cans tumbling out of the suv while being towed. race. we have a big turn out for colorado.
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republicans had no polls that would independent icate who has support here. getting a closer look. jaime leary live from the capitol. jaime. >>reporter: good morning, alan. most par ties endorsing clinton and expects she'll win the nomination. it was bernie sanders who had overwhelming support at last night's caucuses. >> i think people are excited and really fired up against the republican nominees so they want to make sure we have a winning candidate on the democratic side. >> in boulder, it was the younger voters for bernie who outweighed the clinton voice. in many precincts, it was so crowded that people caucuses outside. it's the first at sending -- now that super tuesday is behind us, each party will hold successful assemblies
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and party conventions in april. both parties will hold primaries in june. bernie came out a favorite last night, colorado caucuses is not reliable. in 2012, rick upset romney in the straw poll, but romney went to get the most colorado delegates at a gop state assembly. since republicans abandoned the straw poll, instead they decided to voice their support for local and state races. they even put forward a few candidates that are hoping to challenge the democratic us senator, michael bennett come november. live at the capitol, jaime leary, cbs 4 morning news. >> interesting stuff. thank, jaime. they say that clinton -- here's mark albert. >>reporter: after securing key victories in several delegate states, trump is shift to go the general election.
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with congress. i'm sure i'm going to -- >> cruz is tallying winning in oklahoma and texas. >> the strongest campaign to campaign. >> trump super tuesday wins are soaking fear in the republican establishment who question whether his nomination would house. >> i think we're about ready to lose to the most dishonest politician in america, clinton and how can you do that. nominate somebody who is crazy. >> marco rubio echoes the senator. rubio picked up one win in minnesota. >> i'm the only candidate that can unite the party and grow it. if trump wins the republican nomination, it will split the republican party and it will movement. >> with wins in seven states, democrat clinton widened her lead over sanders. >> it's clear tonight that the states in this election have
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>> sanders won in colorado, oklahoma, minnesota, and his home state of vermont. >> the people when we stand together will be victorious. >> the presidential candidates face their next test march 15th. right now, cbs news show s s trump leading the republicans -- shows trump leading the republicans. and cruz in second place. the winner will need 1 thousand 2 -- sanders has 387. the winner here will need 2,383 delegate to win. the zika virus in colorado. the health department confirmed two patients in our state. kathy reports that the virus is a concern to pregnant women. >> the kind of mosquitos that spread disease through their
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they were acquired out of the country but it can be spread through a man through sexual contact. >> it general, it's a mild self limited viral illness like we year. health. it's his patients, pregnant women who have concern about zika. two women who had mexico. results. >> brazil, they're trying to control a major outbreak, zika pregnant women have been led to the microcephali. >> the circumstantial evidence is strong. >> zika is being tied to temporary paralysis. some scientist say the zika virus can cause a rare but severe neurological disorder.
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won't be contending well. >> dr. heyborne say woman who haven't gained -- from tv's to appliances and thermostats, your homes are connected to the internet more than before. tonight, i'll show you how -- >> unwanted highs could be looking in your home without your knowledge or permission. >> thousands of people could be tapping into your web cam. >> web cam was the tip of the iceberg. from sprinkler systems to baby monitors, and more and more device was linking you to internet. how can we protect ourselves against cyber intruders. >> tonight, a hacker shares his secrets. >> it's easy into your home network, and potentially your life. >> hacking your home tonight at 10:00.
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for skier von. she announced she's ending her season because of a knee injury. she suffered a hairline fracture of her knee it turns out. she had to be taken away on a sled. this is the first time she's crashed. she's currently leading in the world cup standings. she lives and trains in vail and she's dealt with knee problems before. that's it for her. >> what a bummer. 47 degrees in denver and a warm day way. >> a lot going on today. astronaut scott kelly getting used to gravity again back on earth after his record breaking journey, ahead.
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,, ,, could be tough for astronaut scott kelly to get out of bed this morning. you might have a tough time too if you spent nearly a year in zero gravity. he's back on earth with a story to tell. >> scott kelly back on earth. >> kelly gave a thumbs up moments after landing. his smile and upbeat outlook not bad for a man who hasn't been on earth in nearly a year. >> and liftoff. a year in space starts now. >> last march, kelly flew to the
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carried out among other things, countless experiments to study trips in space. he spent 340 days in orbit. the same number of day it's would take to get to mars. >> physically, i feel pretty good. >> last week, kelly admitted space is a harsh environment. >> having no running water, you know, it's kind of like i've been in the woods camping for a year. >> during his mission, he flew more than 443 mile and made 54 orbits around earth and saw 11,000 sunrises and sunsets. >> i'm hopeful and i think we'll learn a lot about longer durations space flight and how day. >> later today, he'll fly to doctors. dawn champion, cbs news. >> he's one cool dude. kelly beat his closest us contenders the word record of 438 days in space was set by a rushing doctor back in the 1990s.
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welcome back to him. let's get a check on the wind outside this morning. lauren is tracking that. >> we can see it's not too bad. this is outside the state capitol building. our flags are barely moving in the wind. it's going to get gusty closer and closer to the lunch hour. let's get started. it's gusty near steamboat where winds are at 23 miles-an-hour. zooming into the denver area, we're not too bad yet. a little breeze. but again, as we get closer ask nd closer to the noon hour, the winds are going to crank. berthoud pass, loveland pass, winds at 40 to 50 miles-an-hour and windy near black hawk and kenosha pass. high winds means high fire danger. we have humidity levels low, 14%. and gusty winds up to 50 mile
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mire -- fire danger high. these will go into effect at 11:00 this morning. we're warm thanks to stronger winds. 54 in boulder and 52 in fort collins. 30 in avon. and 38 in steamboat and 40 in grand junction. we have snow in parts of the stay. denver eastern plains, a few clouds is southern colorado, you're dry. close to eagle and gypsum, we have rain and snow depending on your area, and towards red feather lake, nederland starting to get snow in the areas as well. we'll see descent snow fall this morning. could see quick heavy snow coming through. that snow maybe a half inch. we can see two to four inches for us. by lunch time, we're clear in denver with gusty winds picking up. denver, gusty into the evening hours,
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overnight tonight, still windy, but by tomorrow morning, conditions should be starting to improve, and then throughout the afternoon tomorrow, a few more clouds and the good news, the winds start to relax quite a bit. temperatures today, 66 in denver. 62 in boulder. 63 in fort collins. 6 #0 0s and 70s out on the eastern plains and 40s in the high country. 47 in eagle. 48 in aspen. 45 in craig . and 63 in grand junction. across the front rain many, mostly sunny to partly sunny skies with the very strong winds. 65 by 2:00. for your 5-day forecast, calmer winds and a slight chance of rain. joel, how is the drive going? >> there's a trouble spot. take at this video we got overnight around 2:00 this morning. we had a roll over accident. a car crossed the median and into a traffic light. police do suspect alcohol a factor. they have to get this cleaned up and the traffic light taken care of. we've had the closure of colfax at cherry.
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get that open -- take a look at it cleaned up. we're going to continue to watch that to make sure it's cleaned up. we're across the denver metro area. not too bad. i-70 out near tower road, take a look at this. nice and wide out as you make your way from i-225 to the airport and into town. seeing slowing develop as you get passed 92nd. ten minutes from 120th to i-70. we're watching that drive up into the high country. lauren has been tracking the winds that's a factor, not only in the high country like the last couple of weeks, but along the front range along c 470. >> you get over there and the winds can be rough. joel, thanks. von miller maintained he wants to stay with the broncos. yesterday, the team made it official by tagging him as their exclusive franchise player. now the two sides have time to work
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exclusive part of the franchise tag means miller cannot negotiate with any other teams. he will be a broncos in 2016. under the tag, von mill are will be made just over $14 million this season. if he gets a long-term deal and ellie ven actually, that will -- and eventually, that will put him in the $17 million deal. jackson was a huge call for the broncos topped unit. he's an unrestricted agent. he wanted to get paid. the other priority is brock. his value is difficult to figure. yesterday, the eagles signed young unproven
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we have met misty before, but she's a year older and growing up before our eyes. our wednesday's child enhances her natural beauty. >>reporter: it's a right of passage. >> this is your tutorial and how you're going to learn is by doing it. >> we're with our wednesday 's child misty as she learns how to apply eye shadow and eye liner. >> that's how you're going to get that cute little [indiscernible] that taylor swift -- >> you don't, fine. >> misty is 14 and does not need much. >> you got to close your eye. >> oh, come on. >> it happens. it happens to the best of us. >> show her how you do it because i messed up. >> i'll make them look even. >> misty likes to be put together with hair and nails. >> we met a year ago. so give me an update.
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to you in a year? >> well, i was getting good grade in school so far. >> good. >> science is my favorite subject. it's hard though. >> you like science and math, right. >> uh-huh. >> i remember talking to you and you like reading and writing. >> uh-huh. >> what's your favorite books these days. >> twilight. >> what do you like about twilight? >> i like the vampires. >> misty hopes her education leads her to a career on the police force. >> what do you like about the idea of being a police officer? >> going after them and putting them in jail. >> getting the bad guys off the street, right. >> uh-huh. >> she hopes a mom sees how strong and beautiful she is. >> how do people describe you? >> i'm a caring person and a nice person. >> look in the mirror. >> it looks good. >> she's a sweetheart. you can find out more about misty or any of the children looking for adoptive families. please call
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numbers on your screen. and if you go to, you can find the information there. today is read -- the birthday of dr. seuss. it was created by the national association to encourage children to read and later on, i'll head to arvada to read to kinder guarders. i'm excited about that. you may want to
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one family may have a way to protect their dog and warn off coyotes. he wears an anti-coyote vest around her wisconsin home. >> look at that. it wraps around her body and has plastic spike to protect the body and the neck and it may look silly, but grace's owner says it doesn't bother her. >> she doesn't have trouble run around in it. she's comfortable. they're part of the family and special.
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want to keep them safe. >> i feel like she's pulling off the punk rocker look. expert say the vest needs more testing to know if it's going to protect dogs, but a company is selling them at >> i bet the dog likes the crash as well. we got excited over -- a basketball team celebrated too early. they thought they clinched the state title, but there was just one problem as this team hit the court. it wasn't quite over yet. with second left, the broncos throw the ball into the air thinking they would run out the clock, but the other team caught the ball. the ref reset the clock to give the other team a chance to come back. [ cheering ] >> oh, yeah. 60-59. they do not look happen y.
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>> i wish both teams could win, but it doesn't work that way does it. >> no. 47 degrees right now in denver. >> here's what's ahead on the cbs 4 morning news. a driver takes off after hitting a woman. sports authority announces they're filing for bankruptcy. how many stores are expected to close ahead. a big voter turn out for super tuesday. support for sanders, but it's not over yet. coming up, i'll show you what's next in selecting a nominee. also ahead on cbs 4 morning news at 6:00, the public fight between the fbi and apple over security features takes center
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,, i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. >> what a sober tuesday. >> donald trump and clinton closer this morning to securing their parties presidential nominations. we have super tuesday results, plus what's next. >> a hit-and-run leaves a woman hurt at park avenue west and tremont place. police look for the driver who took off. let's outside. warm, but wicked winds. lauren is going to explain where it will kick up the fire danger as this warm dry weather causes problems. good to have you with us. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. the morning after super tuesday, we


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